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Dedicated to Quality

Dedicated to Quality

Dedicated to Quality

We pride ourselves on providing organic, fair trade tea. We work with suppliers to source the freshest, highest quality ingredients. No concentrates, no powders, no gimmicks.  


Stay Awhile

Dedicated to Quality

Dedicated to Quality

We offer comfortable seating with free wifi, plenty of outlets, and exclusive magazines. The Hideout is a place to unwind and inspire creativity.   


More Than Just Tea

Dedicated to Quality

More Than Just Tea

We brew with love and passion. Our Chai is the real deal. The taste is distinct and empowering. We offer Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Rooibos, Golden Milk, Masala Chai all brewed in pots.


Nitro Chai

What's That?

Nitro is food grade Nitrous Oxide. This is a cold beverage. We brew our Masala Chai in pots with oat milk and sweeten it with honey. Once cooled down we put our delicious chai in kegs and hit it with nitro. This creates a round flavor profile that is creamy and well balanced. We have an Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Rooibos, Golden Milk, and Masala Chai on nitro. All nitro beverages are brewed with oat milk because of texture and foaminess. If you have any other questions just let us know.    

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Our chai is unique. No café in NYC is putting in the time or effort to make a traditional Indian Masala Chai. We brew our chai in pots for hours with either oat or almond milk. All the oils from the dried spices release and you are left with a spice forward chai that is not sweet. We want the spices to shine not the sugar.  

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The Hideout Chai Bar

42 Rivington St, New York, New York 10002

(646) 649-5868


Tuesday - Sunday: 11H - 19H

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